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Shawn Michael GRAHAM (M)

This is the Pundits' Guide candidate index page. For additional details on this candidate, please select one of the ridings linked to below. For further information on one of the elections, you may click on one of the election links instead.

ElecPartyRankVotes ProvRidingContestIncPrevResidenceOccupation
2010 GELib13,722
NBKent Lib-PC xy
2006 GELib13,534
NBKent Lib-PC xy122 ch Methodist Point Rd, Mundleville, NB E4W 2L5Businessman /
2003 GELib13,615
NBKent Lib-PC xy122, chemin Methodist Point Road, Mundleville, NB E4W 2L5Businessman
1999 GELib13,264
NBKent Lib-PC xy122 Vacation Street, Methodist Point, E0A 2L0Self-Employed
1998 ByLib14,045
NBKent Lib-NDP 122 Vacation Street, Methodist Point, E0A 2L0Manager - Industrial Development Dept. Natural Resources