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Margaret-Ann BLANEY (F)

This is the Pundits' Guide candidate index page. For additional details on this candidate, please select one of the ridings linked to below. For further information on one of the elections, you may click on one of the election links instead.

ElecPartyRankVotes ProvRidingContestIncPrevResidenceOccupation
2010 GEPC13,374
NBRothesay PC-Lib y
2006 GEPC12,856
NBRothesay PC-Lib xy14 rue Eydie St, Rothesay, NB E2E 4Z2Journalist - Small Business Owner /
2003 GEPC13,135
NBSaint John-Kings PC-Lib xy14, promenade Eydie Drive, Rothesay, NB E2E 4Z2Small Business Owner
1999 GEPC14,605
NBSaint John-Kings PC-Lib 14 Eydie Drive, Fairvale, NB, E2E 4Z2Businesswoman